V okviru 155. doktorskega seminarja Grajeno okolje bo imel(-a) Dr. Noemi Friedman, TU Braunschweigh (Institute of Scientific Computing) predavanje z naslovom:

Coupling Engineering Simulations with Stochastic Analysis and Data Science

The dynamically growing field of data science, uncertainty quantification and Bayesian identification is just beginning to enter into engineering practice. Stochastic analysis is not only used for simulating true randomness, but our lack of knowledge of material properties. Modeling errors or model coefficients can also be modeled as random variables, random fields or random processes with a Bayesian approach.
The analysis of the changing of properties and quality of buildings and infrastructures is typically done by highly sophisticated nonlinear, coupled and often multi-scale models. Most of these models however are very sensitive to their input parameters or model coefficients, which are usually only known with limited precision.


Predstavitev bo v petek, 27. 9. 2019, ob 09.00 v P-I/3 (FGG).

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